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Hi, I have recently purchased an old Z4 2004 e85 auto. it has done 168k miles. I decided to do a transmission oil and filter change! I drained the oil, removed the pan, cleaned all the magnets and sludge. replaced the pan filled the with oil. put plug back in. started the engine and moved it through e gears. turned it off and rechecked the oil. Topped it up a very small amount. Went for a drive and the trans light came on. Within a minute the car went into limp mode. Just made it home. There were a number of codes. I forgot that the battery went flat before I started the change I jumped it and drove it to warm it up. Trans had no issues before the oil change! I haven’t driven the car for a couple of Months. The trans fault showed fault codes 31 gear monitoring, 36position sensor gear. I cleared the codes. I look on line and realized that I should have had the car running to complete topping up the trans. I did this. But when I opened the drain plug oil came out ? I ran through the gears with it running and re-topped the trans and put the plug back in.
Went down the road. Within a mile I the light came on again. Went int slump mode. Now it says an additional code ,30 converter lockup clutch excessive slip p0740, p2761,po741.

Looked online and tried a few things:
Reset adaptive trans settings but turning ignition on and holding accelerator down 30 sec
Disconnected the battery for 5 mins. reconnected and cleared the codes
I used Valvoline Max Life oil! not sure if that is an issue?
Any suggestions on what to try or test next?
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