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Hey all. I have recently joined and about a year ago I purchased myself a F48 X1. Few days after ownership, I had an transmission warning appear on my screen saying secure vehicle against rolling. I found this is a common issue on a selection of BMW & Mini's models due to a internal spring failure inside the gear selector. I went to a BMW dealership and they quoted me $2600 to replace the whole gear selector, they don't just replace the spring. I found a business who actually repair these gear selector by replacing the faulty spring with a new spring. The repair cost was $400, much better than what was quoted by my dealership. I went ahead with this $400 repair and so far, I have had no issue at all and the service provided was very good and informative. I thought I would share my experience as I saved myself heaps of $$$ for a simple fix. If anyone live in Sydney, Australia and interested in this service, check out the following business -
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