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*****TV Opportunity!!!******

We have been asked by an English Production company to provide Pictures of our customer cars for consideration to be used in the National Geographic Channel's Show:

- Strippers: Cars For Cash @

Al Blane the Producer/Director of Attaboy TV ( has Requested:



We're looking for photographs of modified cars for a car TV series we're producing.

The series is for the National Geographic Channel and is called Strippers:Cars for Cash. The photos will be used in a montage at the beginning of one of the episodes when we set up that week's theme.

What we're looking for are photos of relatively normal cars that have been substantially and visibly modified. The photos would need to be fairly good resolution (ie. not compressed for the web), but not professional.

If you have any such photos that are your own, I would be very grateful if you could get in touch with me at:
[email protected]

Many thanks!!


Al Blane - Producer Director - Attaboy TV


In order to be eligible for consideration all entries MUST LIKE our like page @

(Please LIKE our PAGE and NOT this comment!!!)

And E-mail their pictures to [email protected] and in the subject line they need to have their car type and their name so as to identify pictures and Likes!!


Great opportunity to get your moment of Fame on TV!! So get ....


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Good opportunity for a petrolhead but downside this is happening wholesale in the stock picture industry where no fee or model release waivers go out the door. Sister works in Getty Images

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You want to see some of the T&Cs for photo competitions....

If you win we'll give you a Mars bar, and we'll have the rights to every image you've ever created in perpetuity, worldwide, in space and for any and all purposes.....

New legislation will only make it worse..... the suggestion is that there will be no such thing as copyright theft unless and until the copyright owner finds out, at which point the user can cease and desist with no penalties
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