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Having boost leak problems with a 2005 320cd, the usual issue with the couplings between boost pipes and intercooler. Tiger seal and screws had fixed this for a while but is not a permanent fix.

Boost leaks on these cars are made obvious by oil (coming from the CCV) escaping through the same path as the boost, both sides of the intercooler were wet on this car. In this case the leak was bad enough to bring up the engine management light and limp mode.

Here are the options:
1: Get new intercooler hoses from BMW, I priced them at around €100 each, and hope that the ports on the plastic intercooler end tanks are not fucked (but they will be) and the new pipes will seal. This was not an option on this car as the connections had been tiger sealed and reinforced with a few self tappers, thus, screw holes.

2: The one I went with; Get a brand new intercooler from an OEM manufacturer (Modine or Hella Behr) for a 136hp 320d with the M47 engine. Delivered from for €160, the Modine part was €145.
This intercooler has the good old fashioned push-on and retain with a jubilee clip type connections to the boost pipes.

The intercoolers are identical in size, the old type intercooler from the first generation e46 diesels fits a 2005 car with NO MODIFICATION (I was really surprised by this) To remove the intercooler: jack up the car, remove front most splash gaurd/engine tray under the rads. disconnect boost pipes from the IC, you will see two screws at the bottom of the IC, remove them and the IC slides down
Well worth doing this as there was a huge amount of detritus between the IC and engine radiator.

The aluminium ended quick coupler boost pipes obviously dont fit onto the new intercooler, however they can be made fit very easily. Use a hack saw to cut a slit in the aluminium, be careful not to knick the rubber. Then prise it up and use a pliers to literally peel off the metal, its easier then opening a tin can! Once the aluminium is removed the pipe will fit the new intercooler port perfectly.

I also had to find a replacement for the IC to manifold boost pipe as the rubber pipe onto the EGR valve was cracked and pissing boost also, again spraying oil onto the surrounding area. The only place I could get the pipe was from Frank Wyse in Clogheen, the pipe i got was from a pre April 2003 car. The pre April 2003 cars have the quick coupler type fitting on the turbo side of the IC and the push-on with Jubilee clip on the manifold side. So this pipe fit straight onto my new intercooler. This pipe looks VERY different to the post April one, but again fit perfect, sensor is in a slightly different spot but didnt cause any issue.

In summary/ interesting things I discovered:

Any IC from any e46 diesel will fit into any e46 diesel Im pretty sure that includes 330d's. But boost pipe coupling differs
M47 (136bhp) IC used jubilee clips on both sides of the IC
Pre April 2003 M47n (150bhp) used quick coupler on turbo side and jubilee on manifold side of IC
Post April 2003 M47n used quick coupler on both sides of IC.
The aluminium ends on the quick coupler type pipes are very easy to remove without damaging the rubber pipe. Once the metal end is removed, the pipes fit straight onto the old type IC
Part No. for the intercooler i bought is 17512246795

I hope this helps people out, I said id post this because I COULD NOT find this information anywhere, realoem will only tell you so much!

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more pics

Few more pics:
IC dimensions are identical.

old intercooler with original pipework on the right, new intercooler with pipe work from a pre april 2003 car on the left, notice the pipe on the left hand side of the intercoolers is different but comes and goes to the same place.

the crap stuck between IC and engine rad.

The remains of the aluminium end.
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