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I've recently imported a 2007 M5 saloon...
This vehicle was listed on the Revenue VRT site until end of 2018. In May 2018, I checked the VRT on a 2007 M5 Saloon. It returned a figure of 5243euro..

Move on to September 2020 when I bought and imported a 2007 one, the car is no longer listed on VRT site, and Revenue eventually came back with a VRT figure of 9000euro.

The E61 M5 estate is listed with a VRT price of 2576euro.

Has anyone any advice for me?

I've appealed the decision stating and I provided a screenshot that I took in 2018 showing the VRT at that time was 5243euro.. Problem is though, I didn't have the statistical code included.

If anyone here happened to have imported a E60 M5 saloon over the past few years, I'd be very thankful if you could get in touch as if you have any documentation showing what VRT you were charged, it might save me 1000s.

Even if someone had a photo saved showing the statistical code of the E60 M5 saloon....

Thank you in advance,

[email protected]
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