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Hey Lads,

We have the had the below items offered to us at sale prices from our European wholesalers so wanted to share them around. The prices on the larger items such as carbon bonnets, boots and doors INCLUDES delivery direct from Europe to your door (Please allow 5 working days). If you want pictures of the items please the SKU codes on the left and enter in the search bar on our website @ and please notes that the stated prices on there for the likes of bonnets is EX-DELIVERYof normal €75 and hence why the sale prices are so good. There are only 1 of each of most of the below items so is first come, first served and might be safer to call us on 0863337877 or e-mail to [email protected] to ensure quick service. All carbon Parts are GRADE-A Carbon parts made by Aerodynamics.

Manufacturer Description Sale Price €
SP-IMP01STI894DR wrc sti 01-07 spoiler €237
CB-WRX04-INV 03-05 carbon bonnet with scoop 626
CB-WRX01-INV 01-03 carbon bonnet with scoop 657

SP-ECL95-3PC-L civic ek 2d carbon boot 438
RR-HCHB-01BL-01 EP Light Weight Polyester Trunk 411
RR-HCR-LD-01-CRX-L CRX Light Weight Polyester Door Left 357
RR-HCR-LD-01-CRX-R CRX Light Weight Polyester Door Right 357

CB-LA03-OEM evo 8 carbon bonnet 538
USR-AR-EVO123 evo 123 rad €143
USR-AR-EVO789 evo 789 rad €159

CB-POL98-OEM Polo 9n 99-00 Carbon Bonnet 417

CB-E364D-OEM E36 4D Carbon Bonnet 538
CB-E364D-AC E36 4D Carbon Bonnet 538
DL BMR25WR Tail Lights Red/White Smoked (BMW E39) 109

BXAC-000300 Single Bend Short Shifter €89
BXAC-00220-TB Shift Knob Type-R Limited Series 5-Speed Blue €49
BXAC-00223-GD Shift Knob 490 Spherical M10x1.5 Gold €54
BXAC-00223-NEO Shift Knob 490 Spherical M10x1.5 Neo €54
BXAC-00223-TB Shift Knob 490 Spherical M10x1.5 Blue €54
BXAP-00010 Coffee Mug White €4
BXAP-00011 Coffee Mug Black €4
BXCC-00011 Coolant Expansion Tank Big €62
BXDL-00101-BK Half Driveshaft Spacers Black €112
BXDL-00101-BL Half Driveshaft Spacers Blue €112
BXDL-00101-GD Half Driveshaft Spacers Gold €112
BXDL-00101-RD Half Driveshaft Spacers Red €112
BXFU-00410-BK Competition Fuel Pressure Regulator 2-Port Black/Black €107
BXFU-00410-GDB Competition Fuel Pressure Regulator 2-Port Gold/Black €107
BXGA-00100-BK Water Temperature Adapter 28mm Black €18
BXGA-00101-BK Water Temperature Adapter 30mm Black €18
BXGA-00102-BK Water Temperature Adapter 32mm Black €18
BXGA-00103-BK Water Temperature Adapter 34mm Black €18
BXGA-00104-BK Water Temperature Adapter 36mm Black €18
BXGA-00105-BK Sandwich Plate Black €32
BXGA-00105-GD Sandwich Plate Gold €32
BXGA-00105-GD Sandwich Plate Silver €32
BXGA-00203 Gauge Cluster 2-Gauges €32
BXIM-00100 Intake Manifold Gasket €45
BXIM-00102 Intake Manifold Gasket €45
BXIM-00106 Intake Manifold Gasket €45
BXIM-00107 Intake Manifold Gasket €45
BXIM-00108 Intake Manifold Gasket €45
BXIM-00109 Intake Manifold Gasket €45
BXIM-00300 Composite Velocity Stack 3.0" €36
BXIM-00306 Composite Velocity Stack 2.5" €36
BXIM-00307 Composite Velocity Stack 4.0" €36
BXPT-20250 Exhaust Valves High Compression €116
BXPT-20251 Intake Valves High Compression €116
BXSS-20354-12-BK Front Bump Steer Kit 12mm Black €67
BXSS-20354-12-BL Front Bump Steer Kit 12mm Blue €67
BXSS-20354-12-GD Front Bump Steer Kit 12mm Gold €67
BXSS-20354-12-PR Front Bump Steer Kit 12mm Purple €67
BXSS-20354-12-RD Front Bump Steer Kit 12mm Red €67
BXSS-20354-12-SI Front Bump Steer Kit 12mm Silver €67

US Racing
USR-OCT-RE-R Oil Catch Tank Rectangle Red €44
USR-OCT-RE-S Oil Catch Tank Rectangle Silver €44
USR-OCT-RE-TAI Oil Catch Tank Rectangle Titanium €44
USR-OCT-RO-B Oil Catch Tank Round Blue €44
USR-OCT-RO-R Oil Catch Tank Round Red €44
USR-OCT-RO-S Oil Catch Tank Round Silver €44
USR-OCT-RO-TAI Oil Catch Tank Round Titanium €44
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