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Hi all,
Long long time since I last used this forum and glad to see its still going strong.
I recently purchased a 10 reg x5 msport 2seater commercial which I use for work. I have had x5's in the past and always loved them but this is the first msport model. I thought it was just a styling thing but she seems quicker and handles better than the others i had.There are a number of things I need to get sorted but the one I need advise on is the rear suspension.
Being an msport I'm told to expect a firm ride but this seems more bouncy than firm. I have checked the air bags and they are fine, I even deflated and re-inflated the suspension just to prove they were working.
One thing I did notice is that the passenger side is about an inch lower than the drivers side. I parked on level surface to confirm. Bag not leaking either as I said before tested air suspension.
She was Doe'd on Friday last and while she passed the imbalance on the rear axle was 39.7% out of an allowed 50% while on the front only 2.7%.
Would this suggest a weak shock and would a shock cause her to sag slightly on one side.
Any advise would be great.
Thanks in advance.
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